Our History Spans Over 80 Years

The 1940's

John & Dorthy

In the 1940s, Pennsylvania Dutch couple John and Dorothy Kresge owned a farm in Carbon County’s fertile Mahoning Valley. After one very successful growing season, the couple chose to can some of the farm’s excessive vegetable bounty and realized a window of opportunity to sell their products to the local markets.

Chow-Chow & Relish

Word Spread

They converted their farm kitchen into a small manufacturing plant where they made Wos-Wit Chow-Chow and Corn Relish. In a short time, they were selling all of the Chow-Chow, Corn Relish, Dressings, Preserves and other garden vegetables that were made and grown on site. Years went by and word spread throughout the region. Demand increased and the Wos-Wit product line grew accordingly.

The 1980's

The Zukovich Family

John Kresge passed away in 1981 and left the company to his long-time Pennsylvania Dutch employees. In 1982, the ladies sold the company to Paul Zukovich, himself a longtime farmer, who just happened to be driving by one day, stopped in, and left as the proud owner of the Wos-Wit company. Zukovich quickly grew the business and in 1989 he moved the canning facility to a 24,000-square-foot processing plant on his 84-acre farm, Grouse Hunt Farms Inc., located five miles north of the town of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Today Wos-Wit is still owned and operated by the Zukovich family who continues to use the original recipes and only the freshest and most natural ingredients straight from the farms, orchards and vineyards to make their items. They ship nationally everyday, providing their consumers with 82 varieties of Pennsylvania Dutch Foods.